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We at The Dogecoin Miningplace offer you the fastest and the most legit way to successfully accumulate your DOGE. Our sophisticated technology does all the hard work, making sure that every customer is 100% satisfied and that every mining goes through smoothly.


Select the desired plan and start earning in less than 24 hours! Thousands of people from around the world are investing in online cloud mining. Some of them mine once a week, others every day, but they are all a part of the online Mining community.

Standard Cloud Mining

VBD-S #1

500 DOGE

Contract: 100 days

Produce per total 1000 DOGE

Produce per day 10 DOGE

Stock : 1000+


VBD-S #2

1000 DOGE

Contract: 100 days

Produce per total 2100 DOGE

Produce per day 21 DOGE

Stock : 500+


VBD-S #3

5000 DOGE

Contract: 100 days

Produce per total 11000 DOGE

Produce per day 110 DOGE

Stock : 100+


Premium Cloud Mining

VBD-P #1

10000 DOGE

Contract: 100 days

Produce per total 23000 DOGE

Produce per day 230 DOGE

Stock : 70+


VBD-P #2

50000 DOGE

Contract: 100 days

Produce per total 120000 DOGE

Produce per day 1200 DOGE

Stock : 50+


VBD-P #3

100000 DOGE

Contract: 100 days

Produce per total 250000 DOGE

Produce per day 2500 DOGE

Stock : 20+



What payment systems does the project work with?

We work with payment systems: Dogecoin.

What crypto currencies are available for mining on our project?

Crypto currencies which are available for mining: Dogecoin.

What is the minimum withdrawal and deposit amount?

Minimum withdrawal amount: Dogecoin 100 Ð.
Minimum Deposit amount: Dogecoin 500 Ð.

What is the lifetime of the contract for the purchased mining machines?

The contract for all mining devices is 100 days.

How quickly requests for withdrawal of funds are processed?

Requests for withdrawal of funds are processed instantly.

How does the affiliate program work?

Our partnership income program operates at 7%. With the reference link, a registered user is paid 7% instantly from every machine bought.

Is it necessary to be "online" on the site in order to work the mining?

No. Generation of new coins takes place on our equipment. The accrual of profits continues 24/7 regardless of whether your computer is turned on or not.

What actions can become the reasons for account blocking?

Attempts to hack the site or break the structure of the executed code, attempts to hack the accounts of other users, creating of multiple accounts, inviting of inactive referrals with the help of SEO services and so on, insult and threat when communicating with the administration may be the reason for the account blocking.